How You Can Find a Remote Job

On Working Remotely

As a working military spouse, one of the hardest things you’ll encounter is frequent moves. It’s part of military life but requires you to keep an updated resume at all times, and perhaps give up certain aspects of your career, such as tenure or seniority with a static company. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful and fulfilling career … it just means it’ll take a little creativity.

With the growing practice of working remotely (and the technology that allows us to do so), more and more companies are adapting to this lifestyle.

If you have a great job with a company you’d like to stick with, consider asking if you can stay on from a distance during your next PCS. This is a good time to negotiate hours, benefits, and more. Companies often want to use pay cuts since they’re giving a perk, so you might have to stick up for yourself, reminding them you won’t use office space or supplies, nor utilities. (Don’t forget to add these things to your tax deductions, either.)

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a job that you can do remotely, there are plenty of resources that cater to military spouses. Search for placement brands or apply to gigs that are 100% remote. You might also consider becoming a 1099 employee (where you’ll pay all of your own taxes) to increase pay margins and to use tax deductions in your favor.

Find a remote position you can stick with by:

● Joining career military spouse groups. These can be local or nationwide and offer amazing resources, including job opportunities.

● Ask other spouses what they do. From entrepreneurs to MLMs, you can gain a better understanding of what the masses do to for telecommute work.

● Google! Look for remote positions and more.

● Getting disciplined with your schedule. The better you can stay on track, the easier it will be to keep working hours from home.

● Look for coworking spaces in your area. If you don’t enjoy working from home, consider a coworking slot. Coffee shops and libraries are also great for working offsite.

Do you work remotely? If not, would you consider it with your next PCS?