ICYMI- MilSpouseFest goes Virtual

Hundreds of military spouses from across the world logged on to the MilSpouseFest virtual event on October 5, 2021 that focused on military spouse careers and employment. 

Presented by USAA, the event had a full agenda of speakers and giveaways. Krista Wells, the keynote speaker. “I want it to sink in that you are already doing a job,” said Krista in her speech. “You served those who serve, that’s already amazing.”

Other speaking segments included Mj Boice and Jenah Wieczorek from PCSgrades, Maureen Haney from Tutor.com, Lisa Howard from the Barry Robinson Center, JJ Montanaro from USAA, Maggie Meza from Blue Star Families, Jenny Lynn Stroup of Cohen Veterans Network, and Whitney Armstrong and Verneice Castillo from Military Spouse Advocacy Network.

The Building Connections panel was also new to the event agenda. Chuck Bunch of USAA and Brian Alvarado of Hiring Our Heroes answered questions from the chat about employment advice and career hunting tips. “Biggest take away was learning about Hiring Our Heroes and Military Spouse Professional Network for the first time” said an attendee. “It really hit home when Brian said with emphasis to stop underselling ourselves.”

Laura Torres, Sr. Manager of Workforce Development for Blue Star Families, showed attendees about Spouseforce. Spouseforce puts military spouses in front of military friendly employment opportunities and professional development through a private Facebook group and on LinkedIn.

“Resources galore,” said one attendee. “I did not know about 90% of your speakers and sponsors and I look forward to signing up and joining their teams and websites!”

Another attendee wrote to the MSF team:

“Military Spouse of 20 years with a Master’s degree. I’ve been a stay at home parent for the last 12 years. I’ve wanted to get back into the workforce several times along the way but our lifestyle, three young children and the struggle in job searching has been a burrier. After this morning, I feel encouraged, and I have a long list of the next steps to take in this process. I felt seen and valued. What a great confidence boost.”

MilSpouseFest would like to thank USAA and its many sponsors for their generous help to make these virtual events a success. MilSpouseFest extends a special thank you to FTD for their generous donation of flowers.

For more information on upcoming events, visit www.milspousefest.com/events.