ICYMI: MilSpouseFest wraps up the year with 2021 Reflections

The MilSpouseFest team closed out the year with their final event day of the year, focusing on reflecting on the year gone by and goal setting for the year to come.

Presented by USAA, the event had a full agenda of speakers and giveaways. The new breakout room feature gave military spouses the opportunity to connect and chat. “The group I was with was small and very helpful and informative,” one attendee told MSF.

Out of all the events from the year, this event hosted more military spouses who were new within the community, or who were new MilSpouseFest attendees. Samantha Brown, a new Navy spouse, told MSF that “this connected me to groups I didn’t even know were available for me. I am very excited to learn more about these groups!”

Other speaking segments included Mj Boice and Jenah Wieczorek from PCSgrades, Maureen Haney from Tutor.com, Lisa Howard from the Barry Robinson Center, Penney Letrud-Samons and Erica Oswalt from United Through Reading, and JJ Montanaro from USAA. The Building Connections panel hosted by Julie Shepard and Chuck Bunch with USAA touched on topics surrounding networking for employment and the challenges of being a military family. 

“I truly liked hearing all the business speakers and I loved all the positive upbeat energy coming from everyone involved,” said attendee Kelly Seals. Seals recommends MilSpouseFest “because MilSpouseFest is always an exciting, fun-filled experience that I have over the years in-person and through the internet.”

MilSpouseFest would like to thank USAA and its many sponsors for their generous help to make these virtual events a success. MilSpouseFest extends a special thank you to FTD for their generous donation of flowers.

For more information on upcoming events, visit www.milspousefest.com/events.