It’s Military Saves Month

It's Military Saves Month

What was originally designated at Military Saves Week, has now transitioned into Military Saves Month. This is a time set aside to encourage military families to save, and also to teach them how to do so. This year the Military Saves campaign has designated themes for each week in April. 

Week 1: Save Automatically

Week 2: Save to Retire

Week 3: Save for the Unexpected

Week 4: Save with a Plan

Week 5: Save by Paying Down Debt

“Military Saves” is a part of the larger national campaign America Saves, which encourages all Americans to save. Military Saves has partnered with DOD since 2003. This campaign encourages financial readiness for all military families. They do so by encouraging military members to: 

  • Establish good credit
  • Save a portion of each paycheck
  • Enroll in programs such as the Thrift Savings Plan 

Military installations everywhere will be hosting special events during the month of April to help and encourage their members to secure themselves financially. Check with your local installation for more information and for events in your area.