Making Money With Your Hobbies

Making Money With Your Hobbies

I’m sure you’ve heard someone, somewhere say, “No one’s getting rich of the military!” and it’s true. Whether you need a little extra cash some months or just want to save for a rainy day, there are several ways milspouses can do it, without getting a full-time job. Or even a part-time job.

Think about your hobbies, those things you like to do. Now, would you still enjoy them if someone paid you to do it? If so, consider offering up those services in exchange for cash. Here are a few real-life examples.

Baking – How many times have you seen someone ask for cake recommendations on the local spouses’ page this week alone? Someone always needs a smash cake, a promotion cake, or some cookies for an event at school. If you are one who enjoys baking, this is a great opportunity to do what you love and not have to eat all of it!

Cleaning – I’ve heard there are people out there who like cleaning. I’m going to have to take that on faith, because I’m not one of them. But I can absolutely guarantee there are people who will pay you to do their cleaning. Because I am one of those! Whether you want to take on regular, weekly clients or just work really hard during move-out time, you can definitely sock away some money cleaning houses!

Gardening – Another great, and seasonal hobby, may be gardening. Or even generic lawn care. Perhaps you have a green thumb and you want to help others enjoy gardening. Consider advertising your gardening and/or lawn care services and see who in the neighborhood is interested!

Sewing – You may not see as many requests for a seamstress or quilter as you do for a cake baker, but there are still plenty. If you can sew – and like it – consider doing some of that for others. True story – one duty station I opened an alterations side gig and was able to average a few hundred bucks a month sewing strictly during naptime.

Using your skills and hobbies to make a little extra money is the best of both worlds. But, here’s one thing to remember – it’s ok to keep a hobby a hobby!