Masks and Air-Fives: Have We Hit a New Normal Yet?

Masks and Air-Fives: Have we Hit a New Normal Yet?

Months ago it would have been strange, if not alarming to see folks everywhere in masks. Ordinarily, you’d think they were sick, not trying to keep themselves safe. Handshaking, high fives, hugs — all of these and more were practiced on the daily. Only now, we’re giving air fives at six feet apart or greetings via screen instead. 

Just a few months ago all of this would have sounded so strange, yet now, four months into a pandemic, it’s come to be expected. We wear our masks, expect them to be worn by others, and we do our best to stay at least six feet away from all others. That is if we have to go in public at all. For now, at least, it’s become our new normal.

But is it here for the long haul? 

While only time will tell, it’s safe to say there are plenty of changes that will forever grace public norms. Will we ever shake hands again? Will there forever be floor stickers that remind us where to stand? Will folks be judged by their mask decorum for the end of eternity? 

The one safe bet is that changes are a-coming. Don’t get too comfortable at any given time, because well, it’s all going to change all over again. If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that. 

Military Families, Made for Change

The good news: military families were MADE for this kind of scenario. Mass panic with last-minute changes? Been there, done that. ✔ No sense of security with the status quo? Yep, that too. ✔ Unrest, stress, and a constant feeling of being on edge, served with a side of “hurry up and wait”? All of the above. ✔

Going through the unknown is nothing new for military folk. What IS new is that this time around, the rest of the world is along for the ride, too. Now there’s news dedicated to the constant changes. There are actual government and state protocols addressing these new norms. And for ONCE our non-military friends actually “get it.” They’re going through something crazy too. (How many of us want to just say, “See? Do you see how this feels? Do you hate it yet? Try living like this for years.”) 

Like it or not, we were built for a pandemic. We know how to move in a hurry, cancel plans and create a new one from scratch (then cancel that one, and the next one), and how to calm our nerves every step of the way. The rest of the population might be in sheer panic, but milspos were made for this new normal. 

What Lies Ahead?

No one knows — and that’s ok. Because in the military, when do we ever know what’s ahead? Even the most planned out, most thorough most likely to actually happen plans will fall through. And this is no different. Yes, changes are ahead — we can guess. We can consider how protocols will change within the general public, but why spoil all the fun? Chances are we won’t be right anyway. So it’s best to sit back, relax, and watch the changes come and go. All with the cool-as-a-cucumber attitude you’re so great at perfecting. 

Pandemic? Who needs it. We’re qualified for this new normal — bring on the changes. We’re ready! 

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