The Top Military Travel Benefits and Airline Discounts

There are many companies that want to extend their appreciation to the military community.   You may be surprised to find out that one of those discounts is through many of our airlines.  If you are looking to travel, be sure to check out the military discount fares offered by the following airlines.

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I have found through personal experience that it is often a better deal to purchase your ticket through the website directly or through a company such as Expedia.  However, I noticed if you need to plan a last minute flight or are flexible on your travel dates it seems as this is when the military discount comes in handy.  But, you never know so it’s always worth checking!


Southwest Airlines offers military discounts to active military personnel and their families. They are available by contacting Southwest directly, not online, via a travel booking site or through your travel agent. Call Southwest at 800-I-FLY-SWA. This discount requires that you show a military I.D.




United Airlines offers a Military leisure fare policy-These fares are for U.S. military personnel and their eligible family members who are traveling on leave. Military personnel and eligible dependents must have a valid ID and must use personal credit cards for payment. Authorized federal government credit cards will not be accepted for payment of military leisure fares.

Federal government YCA, -CA and DG fare policy-United Airlines strictly enforces rules regarding the correct form of payment for federal government contract YCA, -CA and DG fares. We will only accept authorized, U.S. government-issued Visa and MasterCard accounts as payment, and only employees of the federal government traveling on official business are eligible for these fares. Government contractors of any kind do not qualify for federal government fares.

Travel agents should ensure that proper government ID is presented and the appropriate U.S. government-issued Visa or MasterCard is used when booking government contract or DG fares. Improper issuance of these fares will result in a non-waivable debit memo for the difference of the contract or DG fare and the applicable unrestricted airfare. Non-waivable debit memos cannot be paid using federal government-authorized credit cards. Learn More.


American Airlines and American Eagle may offer U.S. military and government fares between some cities. For further information, please call American Airlines Reservations at 1-800-433-7300.


Delta offers a military discounts. It is not advertised or offered online. You must call 1-800-221-1212 to talk to an agent. Military identification must be provided.


JetBlue MIL fare product allows active duty service personnel and their immediate family (spouses or children) to fly on JetBlue. Immediate family members may travel on a MIL fare independently as long as they are able to present proper identification. The MIL fare may be utilized for non-duty travel using personal expenses.  The MIL fares are nonrefundable and contain the same rules on change fees/cancel fees as our normal, public nonrefundable fares.  MIL Fare has no advanced purchase requirement
The fare will always contain MIL in the resulting fare basis code MIL fares will NOT have last seat availability. Currently the fares are tied to availability in a single JetBlue fare class (M, R or V class). Once the fare class is no longer available then the MIL Fares for that flight won’t exist.  Customer must provide the below information in order to confirm the flight:  Name of the Active Duty Military Member, Branch of Service, Military Rank.  Learn more!


Frontier Airlines offers free checked baggage to Active Duty Military. They require an active duty ID and/or that you are in uniform at the airport.  You can not add your baggage online.  You must check your baggage at the airport in order for the fees to be waived.



Space A travel is one of the great perks military members and families enjoy.  To learn more about SPACE A travel and how to book your flight click here.


The Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Virginia offers special discounts on airfares for military service members and their dependents with valid military ID. These are fares that are unavailable on major booking sites. They are capacity controlled fares, which means that they are subject to availability and may sell out. Click here for more details and to create your account to start booking flights today!


The majority of the airlines offer FREE BAGS when on Active Orders for both the active duty military member and dependents.  For leisure travel it varies, you just need to ask.


USO CENTERS– I love the USO and all they do for military members and families!  Another great benefit the USO offers is USO lounges in many of the airports around the country.  There is nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle of busy airports to enjoy a quiet lounge filled with snacks, drinks, and smiling faces!  If you have a a lay over be sure to stop by the USO center.  To find a list of all the airport USO centers click here!

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Thank you to Jennifer from Military Bridge for these great tips!


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33 Replies to “The Top Military Travel Benefits and Airline Discounts”

  1. I only wish USO centers were available to Gold Star families

    1. Hello Sharon,

      I completely agree! Hmm…I wonder how we can get that word out.

      Have a great night,

    2. What are gold star families?

    3. Hello Christi,

      A Gold Star Family is a family who has lost a much loved one in a war. It could be World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan.


    4. Melody Williams says:

      This is a selfish request. I have kids and have been nursing and etc when flight issues occur or flying for emergencies and etc and the USO is life saving. I think having babies alone, living a broken family life so others can live free and etc should be qualification enough for using the uso. Not to mention my own personal illnesses or etc. I am glad the USO has considered all military and veterans and dependents.

    5. Melody Williams says:

      I need to apologize. You meant in addition to the current users. If that’s the case I kinda disagree still. Only because so many of us have some connection to those circumstances and that would limit the resources available to the military families.

  2. Hi. I and my 2 children (Aug 1, 4yrs. Old and 14 yrs.old): future vacations: Orlando Fla. or European: Germany(Stuggart), London and Irish or Hawaii.
    But cheap fly
    Please my email:My severe communication (Stroke). My retirement Army.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Lissa,

      I love your travel plans. I am all about travel! I would suggest Space A travel = FREE :)!

      Have fun!

  3. Has anyone ever booked through United Airlines? I am a military dependent travelling on leisure and I don’t see any indicators when booking a flight online. Thanks.

    1. Hey Shelly,
      You won’t find any discounts on line. You have to call.
      Good luck,

    2. United does not do military discount unless on orders and use gov credit card.

    3. Thank you for the update Amanda!

      Have a great day,

  4. Please update your website. I have talked with Frontier Airlines which has a new phone number than listed on your website (801)-401-9000 and according to their representative they do not offer any discount for military whatsoever at this time.

    1. Hello Thomas,
      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. It is extremely difficult to keep up with the ever changing military perks. I appreciate you reaching out.
      Have a great day!

    2. I found cheap tickets several times through; also I found that when you compare fares that you need to empty your cache on your PC after each search if you truly want to get a better deal otherwise the price keeps going up while you’re searching so you will buy quickly to avoid for the price to go up; guess it’s because of the cookies they all leave behind.

    3. Oooh Dagi,

      This is great information and makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing!


    4. Hello again Thomas,
      Quick follow up. I just spoke with an agent at Frontier Airlines. You are correct. There are no airfare discounts. They do however offer free checked baggage with an active duty ID. You can NOT add baggage online while making your reservation. You have to be in person in order for the fees to be waived.
      Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
      Have a great day,

    5. I just called to verify as I’m traveling next week. The associate said military is allowed 1 carry on and 1 checked bag for free, no size limits.

  5. hello,
    is there anyway to know which of these airlines are the most recommended one. im active duty about to go to florida in leisure travel and im wondering which of these planes

    1. are the most comfortable ones from these airlines, if you can recommend one from experience? thank you

    2. Hello Amine,
      I am not sure one can say which airline is the most comfortable.
      Have a great trip,

  6. United Airlines does not offer military discounts as I am told by the rep over the phone. They only offer a discount to active duty only on official travel and they will only accept a govt travel CC as form of payment…. So no luck for my travel since I’m not on orders/authorized travel.

    1. Hey Kim,

      I am sorry. That stinks!

      The airlines change these policies all of the time. They are almost impossible to keep up with.

      Have a great trip,

  7. Are any of these offers available to active duty Canadians. We have taken advantage of other US travel programs but not sure if the airlines extend their program to us as well.

    1. Dear Alison,

      I have found recently that they best way to find out is to call the airline directly. The airlines change their programs so frequently, it is hard to keep up.

      Happy Traveling,

  8. Does anyone know how many bags an active duty military member can check for free with Frontier? I tried getting ahold of them but can’t get through. Thank you!

    1. Hey Alex,

      This is what I found which states no baggage fees. Sorry. I tried to research a bit, but this was all I could find.

      I hope this helps,

    2. Hi Alex, have you traveled yet? Did you figure out an answer to your question? I too tried to get a hold of a rep or find out online but couldn’t make any progress. We travel tomorrow and so it would be helpful to know! Thanks!

  9. Sherry Ogard says:

    If my son’s leave has changed at the last minute will he be able to get his ticket changed (United Airlines) without having to pay enormous fees? If yes what are the “words” he should say to a ticket agent and or who should he ask to speak to?

    1. Hey Sherry,

      This is so frustrating and such a fine line. He will have to call the airline and explain to them what has happened. They may require some documentation, but if it isn’t a change of orders, he may be out of luck. For instance, if his leave period hasn’t changed due to operational duty, they may do nothing. On the other hand, they may. Sometimes it just depends on who you get on the other line. If the initial agent doesn’t understand his situation, ask to speak to a supervisor.

      I hope this helps,

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  12. David Hernandez says:

    Allegiant offers free 3 checked bags up to 40 lbs and 1 free carry on. For active, reserve. Natuinal guard, and VETERANS and their spouses. Dependents with a dependent card too. And they let active AND veterans board first for free. They also let you pick your seats at the airport for free also. I will always use allegiant for my vegas trips. Do not purchase bags or reserve seats online. Do it at the counter.

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