MilSpouseFest announces 2022 Events Season

While military spouses span six different service branches, there are few opportunities for all spouses to come together in one place. Enter MilSpouseFest. MilSpouseFest’s new event season emphasizes on uniting together to create change and ignite passions– hence the theme Unite and Ignite.

Presented by USAA, MilSpouseFest is hosting a comprehensive, year-long program that combines in-person, hybrid, virtual events, and a new webinar series called MSF Cast. MSF will deliver the virtual, hybrid, in-person events, and the MSF Cast webinars via a customized event app from Whova for smooth registration and ease of access for military spouses. 

“Military spouses often feel disconnected from their local communities and as we consider the impact of the pandemic, our team wanted to focus on bringing everyone together and the theme Unite & Ignite was born” said MSF Director, Julie Shepard. MSF will have content and speakers to help military spouses focus on what’s important to them and they will be able to Ignite their passions while making connections and developing plans to institute those passions and ideas into their daily lives. 

MSF events and MSF Casts will feature targeted resources, information, and speakers that are relevant and timely to the military spouse community. Topics will include PCS moves, relationships and communication, mental health awareness, military spouse entrepreneurs, employment, and careers, education resources for both children and spouses, military tax preparation & finance tips, and Tricare resources. 

MilSpouseFest In-person and hybrid events for 2022 will be held in two locations. We will have three events located in the National Capital Region, two in Northern VA on 4/26/22 and one hybrid event on 4/28/22 in MD, in April, and one hybrid event in Camp Pendleton on 10/25/22 and two events in San Diego on 4/27/22.

On top of in-person and hybrid days, there will be four virtual only events. February 15th and 17th will focus on diversity, equity and inclusion while November 15th and 17th will focus on military family appreciation. Attendees can choose which day works best for their schedule and all events are free.

Julie had this to say about our locations: “When considering locations for 2022, we realized that we would need to be selective. We are still in the pandemic and we want to maximize our impact, to reach the most spouses. We learned that spouses really enjoyed connecting virtually and wanted to expand our content offerings. That’s how we came up with MSF Casts. We wanted to bring more targeted content to the community without the pomp and circumstance of a full “Fest.” We are thrilled to have a robust calendar of 12 MSF Casts throughout the year. Did you know that MSF hasn’t been in the National Capital Region since 2017?! Many military spouses cycle through this region and we know that they will spread the good word about all the resources shared at our events. MilSpouses in San Diego were promised a MilSpouseFest in 2021 we want to honor that. And why have hybrid days? This allows us to live-stream and have spouses from all over the world attend and interact with other spouses and exhibitors all in our new app from Whova! We hope you’re ready to UNITE with other spouses and IGNITE your passion and advocacy.”

Spouses interested in attending the Unite and Ignite 2022 events can check on the MilSpouseFest website for more details, and can also follow MilSpouseFest on social media. We invite all interested military spouses to join our MilSpouseFest Community Facebook group  to be the first to get exclusive content and to be in the know about all things MilSpouseFest! 

Check out more information here for event details and to RSVP.