Move over, Christian Gray . . . here are 50 shades of camouflage

50 shades of camo

By J.G. Noll

Who needs gray when you’ve got camo?

1. A member of US Fleet Forces Band, Norfolk, VA entertains a child in Guatemala. 

(Photo: U.S. Navy Photo,Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Shamira Purifoy)

2. Sometimes shades of camo become shades of green.

(Photo: DVIDS)

3. Corpsmen practice securing a patient to a stretcher at Camp Lejeune.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Cpl. Ashley Lawson/Released)

3. Sailors chip snow and ice from the deck of a ship in the Sea of Japan.

(Photo: U.S. Navy, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jeremy Graham/Released)

4. Marines practice conducting a visit, board, search, and seizure mission.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Gunnery Sgt. Robert B. Brown Jr./Released)

5. Sailors practice fire fighting skills on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

(Photo: U.S. Navy, Seaman Alex Corona/Released)

6. A sailor reenlists in the shadow of the USS Blue Ridge.

(Photo: U.S. Navy, Petty Officer 3rd Class Don Patton/Released)

7. Sailors on the USS Boxer gather for an all-hands call.

(U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Justin Whitley/Released)

8. Marines and Seabees from the US and members of the Royal Cambodian Navy engage in joint training exercises.

(U.S. Navy, Chief Petty Officer Lowell Whitman/Released)

9. The German hills are alive with the sight of camo.

(Photo: DVIDS)

10.  A Navy recruit learns how to seal her gas mask during fire fighting training.

(Photo: U.S. Navy, Chief Petty Officer Seth Schaeffer/Released)

11. An airman wears Mission Oriented Protetive Posture gear at Yokota Air Base.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force,  Yasuo Osakabe/Released)

12. A soldier and her K9 partner trains at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

(Photo: U.S. Army photo, Lara Poirrier)

13. Soldiers deployed to Dijibouti conduct mortar training.

(Photo:  U.S. Air Force, Staff Sgt. Kenneth W. Norman)

14. A soldier fires an anti-armor weapon at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin.

(Photo: U.S. Army, Spc. Zachary N. Stanley)

15. A soldier simulates being wounded during a mass casualty exercise.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Samuel King Jr.)

16. Soldiers fire a Javelin Anti-Tank Missile system.

(Photo: U.S. Army photo)

17. Sailors play Jegichagi with Korean students during a community relations events.

(Photo: U.S. Navy, Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew Schneider/Released)

18. Soldiers work together to complete an obstacle course at Fort Jackson.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Airman 1st Class James R. Crow)

19. A service member dons paint to surround into his green North Carolina surroundings.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Airman Shawna L. Keyes)

20. A National Guard pararescuman rappels during a confined space rescue training session.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Tyler Woodward)

21. A physical therapist examines a patient in Sri Lanka.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Brittany A. Chase)

22. A new recruit begins her military journey.

(Photo: DVIDS)

23. Submariners stand on the USS Illinois at attention.

(Photo: DVIDS)

24. Under a gray sky, sailors work together.

(Photo: DVIDS)

25. Former president George H. W. Bush eats Thanksgiving dinner with troops in 1990.

(Photo: National Archives)

26. Sailors serving on the USS Iwo Jima stand at attention.

(Photo: U.S. Navy, Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Todd Frantom/ Released)

27. A member of the Army Reserve looks out the window of a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.

(Photo: U.S. Army Reserve, Master Sgt. Michel Sauret)

28. An airman hugs her child after she picks him up from school.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Jaeda Tookes)

29. A drill instructor directs her Marines during a platoon inspection at Officer Candidate School.

(Photo: Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Yasmin D. Perez)

30. Uniforms are collected and readied to be destroyed at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Tech. Sgt. Terrica Y. Jones)

31. An officer candidate is corrected by a drill instructor at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

(Photo: Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Yasmin D. Perez)

32.  Medical students work together to complete field exercise drills at Naval Support Activity Bethesda.

(Photo: DVIDS)

33. A midshipman climbs a structure as part of an obstacle choice during Career Orientation for Midshipmen. 

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Cpl. Allison DeVries, MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ Combat Camera/Released)

34. A drill instructor ensures uniforms and appearances meet Marine Corps standards.

(Photo: Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Yasmin D. Perez)

35. Marines sit on ammo cans while participating in rifle qualifications.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Jacqueline Smith, MCI-East Combat Camera/Released)

36. Republic of Korea Marine conduct training with members of the US Marine Corps.

(Photo:U.S Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Aaron S. Patterson, MCBH Combat Camera/Released)

37. A Marine scout observer hones his skills under cover and in a ghillie suit.

(Photo: DVIDS)

38. Miss Kansas– a member of the National Guard– shows off her camo at a parade.

(Photo: U.S. Army National Guard, Spc. Brandon Jacobs/Released)

39. A member of Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team readies himself fora multi-day operation in Afghanistan.

(Photo: DVIDS)

40. An airman prepares for the combat camera portion of a basic still photography course. 

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Tech. Sgt. Frank Miller/Released)

41. Marines conduct reconnaissance patrol among cacti and under a bright blue sky.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Christopher Mendoza/Released)

42. Military spouses paint their faces for Jane Wayne Day.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Kristen Wong/Released)

43. Marines maintain a low profile by camouflaging themselves with the local, dense vegetation.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Christopher Mendoza/Released)

44. A machine gunner shows off his homemade camouflage.

(Photo: DVIDS)

45. Canadian soldiers and Idaho National Guardsmen work together in Romania.

(Photo: U.S. Army, Spc. Timothy Jackson, 115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Oregon Army National Guard).

46. An Army jumpmaster puts on camo face paint during Operation Dragon Spear.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Scott Poe)

47. Service members deployed to Croatia prepare for an exercise.

(Photo: DVIDS)

48. Artillerymen participate in a two gun raid and live fire exercise on Fort Bragg.

(Photo: U.S. Army,  Capt. Adan Cazarez)

49. A journeyman fixes a bumper pad in Aviano, Italy.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Airman 1st Class Cory W. Bush)

50. An Air Force captain prepares for training in the jungles of Japan.

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Delano Scott)

J.G. Noll is the Editor of Military One Click and a veteran’s spouse. She can be reached at [email protected]

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