On Maintaining a Realistic Schedule and Not Being So Busy

and Not Being So Busy

Are you stressed? It’s important to recognize your signs of being stressed. 

My stress indicators include:

  • headaches
  • being irritable about everything
  • upset stomach
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • muscle tension
  • skin breakouts

We are often stressed because we try doing too much. It’s important to take control and maintain a realistic schedule to help reduce stressors in your life.

I get it. 

It’s the life that military spouses have.

We hold down the homefront. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to be stressed or running around being busy all the time and not taking care of yourself.

So you’re asking, “How do I maintain a realistic schedule, take care of the family, home, work, friends, etc.?”

  • Learn to say no – you do not have to volunteer for everything, every time.
  • Get a routine – set specific days to run errands, clean, grocery shop, etc.
  • Write it down – map your time out on paper. Put what you have going on in your calendar — paper or electronic, whichever you prefer. Yes, include your errands.

I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off for years. Anytime someone asked me to do something or be somewhere, I didn’t hesitate. My response was always “SURE”! 

I wasn’t necessarily stressed, but I was TIRED. I wasn’t able to maintain the schedule everyone else planned for me.

The moment I set and started to maintain my schedule, things seemed to be a bit more realistic. Realistic for me.

It’s ok to say, “NO.” It’s ok to set boundaries. 

Your realistic schedule is what YOU can do and keep your sanity and happiness. How much do you put on your plate each day? 

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