Parents Surviving the Rest Of the School Year

Parents Surviving the Rest Of the School Year

The holiday season marks the halfway point of the school year for the kids and I. My response to them is literally, “GIRL! The school year is almost over.” Let me think that. Ok. lol

This point of the year seems to drag the most, and it seems like everyone is ready to throw in the towel.

How do you survive the rest of the school year? Because let’s be real. As the parent, you are ready to throw in the towel too. This is the time of the school year when all of the projects are assigned, and field trips are in full swing. Standardized testing begins, and everyone is just TIRED!

Surviving the rest of the school year requires you to take some action. That action is balancing.

* Say NO to volunteering at the school 80 hours a week. I know. You love it. You did it in the first half of the year. But now you’re tired. REST so you’re ready to tackle the afterschool rush of your home.

* Create a homework routine. It’s not too late to do this. Set some boundaries for homework. Knowing that things are going to ramp up, you may need to set homework hours, so you’re not up all hours of the night helping.

* Don’t over-schedule after school activities. Everyone will be itching to get outside when the weather warms up. Take a look at your schedule now. Determine how much you can truly have on your plate before agreeing to sign your child up for Spring sports.

* Homework help. Seek help: hire a tutor or setup group study sessions for your kids. It’s not that you’re unable to help them with their homework, but some kids work better with receiving help elsewhere. And it will help reduce your stress in doing it all.

* Create a snack bin. No matter the age of your kids, they want a snack after school. Have a snack bin ready to go that doesn’t require you to have to get them a snack prepared as soon as they come through the door. You can be working on dinner or sitting there relaxed and ready to hear about their day.

What tips do you have to help survive the rest of the school year?

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