Phone Curfews For Our Kids And Why We Have Them

Phone Curfews For Our Kids And Why We Have Them

Parenting is trial and error at each stage. We’re in the teen stage, and there are days I wonder if I’m doing any of it right. But, that’s also how I felt during the infant and toddler stages too. 
Teens have phones. And they love their phones. The phone is an extension of their bodies. But they need to connect with people around them as well.  

Like…..HELLO! Talk to your family. And why are you texting one another when you’re sitting in the same room? Yeah, you’re nodding your head because you feel me on this one. Is the response, “oh, we’re in a group chat with so and so.” All you can think about is, “well, talk to them later, talk to the person right in front of you now!”  

The texting and talking to their friends don’t bother me so much. But the crazy hours drive me insane!  

We decided to give phone curfews. That’s right. Our kids have phone curfews. Yes, they complained and told us how they needed to have access to their phones because of homework.  

Good try! If you were not on the phone all day, you would have your homework done by curfew time.  

Phone curfews:

15 yr old – 10:30 p.m. weekday  11:30 p.m. weekend
13 yr old – 9:30 p.m. weekday  10:30 p.m. weekend
11 yr old – 8:30 p.m. weekday 9:30 p.m. weekend

And the phones are not allowed in their rooms. I’ve taken a look at their phones in the mornings. Friends have messaged them all hours of the night. Some are on a different timezone, and some are right down the street.  

Phone curfews were set in our home because the kids lacked sleep. They wanted to stay up all night texting and on social media. Yes, our kids have social media. We can talk about that later.  They were also set in hopes of forming good habits for later in life. That habit being boundaries. Being available, having fun, etc. are all great. But, there are limits to everything.  

Do you have phone curfews for your kids? And yes! I have a phone curfew for myself.  All notifications go on silent at 8:00 p.m.  

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