Predicting the Holidays with COVID: What’s Different This Year?

Predicting the Holidays with COVID: What's Different This Year?

As the holidays near, we wonder what else is in store for 2020. A year when nothing has seemed to go as planned, it’s hard to predict anything, especially the holidays. A time when everyone has traditions and ideas about how their family will spend the most special of days. But with the coronavirus still taking its toll on the United States, how do we prepare for the months ahead?

While no one has specifics about how this is to play out, it’s safe to say we can expect changes vs. previous years. Take a look at the most foreseen changes ahead, and consider how you and your family can plan for what’s ahead.


Let’s all sigh together. Travel, ugh. This is one of the biggest adjustments to 2020 – the lack of or inability to travel. This is true whether dealing with lack of clearance from command, or out of fear for your family’s safety.

If you normally travel for the holidays, it’s a good idea to at least CONSIDER this could be altered this year. No need to panic or adjust plans as of yet. We’re all waiting to see how this one plays out.

However, if you in any way considered staying put, this option might save you some serious headaches. 

Holiday Events

Parades, sales, and more will all see changes, thanks to COVID-19. Whether or not your area continues with tried and true traditions likely depends on state guidelines. Know that states under more strict guidelines are likely to cancel events altogether. While states that are allowing more get-togethers or more per gathering, may still hold their favorite calendar dates, simply with more distance between folks, and an addition of masks.

Online Shopping

This is nothing new. Most of us have been shopping online for months. (Others have been using this as a go-to for YEARS.) However, consider shopping online, and shopping early. Delivery companies have been on overtime for months now, and the holidays are likely to only add to their work cycles. Account for extra delivery time to ensure everything arrives when you need it.

Black Friday

Black Friday will be different this year, and most likely will be extremely limited. If you normally head out early to find the best prices, look to the above when finding your best prices for 2020.

Decorating Early

As in, we know many of you have already decorated for the holidays! With a year of doom and gloom, it’s no wonder folks want to add some early cheer to their family’s life. Don’t be afraid to do the same! If early holiday decorating is something that gets you excited, then, by all means, plan accordingly. Don’t let the haters stop you from doing something you love.

School Schedules

Again, this one completely depends on the schools themselves. There are schools that are completely virtual. Some are in person, then shut down due to ongoing outbreaks, and a combination of the above. Consider your kids’ school schedules before making holiday plans. After all, after the year we’ve had, celebrating the holidays is important for everyone’s well-being. It just needs to be done in a way that works with schooling schedules.

With the pandemic in play, it’s hard to predict what’s ahead and how the holidays will work this year. However, based on current events and past virus schedules, there are a few things we can put into action early on. Consider your area and how social norms will affect your holiday schedule. But above all, find a way to enjoy the upcoming celebrations, COVID and all.

How is your family planning to celebrate differently this year? Tell us below.