Pumpkin-Spice Overload? Try These Fall Scent Alternatives

Pumpkin-Spice Overload? Try These Fall Scent Alternatives

For the last five years plus, it seems that every fall has been pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. Since the PSL — that’s pumpkin spice latte — went completely viral, it’s become a new trend to slap the flavor (or scent) on as many things as possible. Cereals, candies, generic coffee creamers, and more all get the pumpkin spice treatment come fall. And sure they’re tasty, but it’s also not the only flavor to exist come September. 

Besides, there’s also part of the population who doesn’t even like PSLs. (Me, it’s me! I love the smell and I can do PS creamer, but the OG drink, I just cannot.) Or, there are those who like them, but get serious burnout going a whole season with a single scent. We’ve got you, boo.

For everyone fed up with (or over) the PSL trend, we’ve drafted fall scent alternatives. Consider these equally fall-worthy combos and opt to stir them into your daily autumn-filled routine. 

Apple Cinnamon

An oldie but a goodie. It’s hard to go wrong here with a simple mix of sweet and spicy scents. Best of all, each version is a tad different than the next, allowing you to choose the best of them all. Added bonus in that, yes, like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon is a scent as well as a flavor. Smell it, bake it, pretend to whip it into your next dessert — whatever your poison, apple cinnamon has got your back. 

Autumn Leaves

You can smell this just thinking about it, right? Think of the scent of crunchy leaves alongside a brisk wind. It has fall written all over it and it’s a smell we can’t get enough of. Enjoy it outside when in nature, as well as inside in a special fall candle. Now if only they could add the sound effects right into the wallflower, and this would surely take over as the next fall craze. 

Salted Caramel Nutmeg

We’re not sure we want to eat anything with this combo, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an ideal fall scent. Sweet, deep, and full of varying tones — our noses are ready to hunt this one down and enjoy it full force. We can practically feel the flannel calling our name! 

Other caramel-inspired scents include: 

  • Caramel tobacco (yes really)
  • Caramel toffee
  • Mocha caramel 

Bonus points: many of these scents are delicious all on their own, even if not altogether. Pick and choose for your favorite, all while taking it in as a new fave smell. 

Warm Wood and Fig

If this doesn’t make you want to sit around a campfire, nothing will. Warm wood and fig combines the deep, earthy scent of the outdoors with a sweet top note that brings the whole aroma together. Or if you’re more of an indoor person, it works all the same — an indoor fire and a sweet treat to compliment your freshly re-scented living room. 

Flannel Anything

Blankets and warm fabrics, somehow they can be captured with any number of scents to provide us with cozy comfort on the outsides of our bodies, and the insides of our noses. Flannel spice, flannel days, flannel warmth, and more are crowd favorites when it comes to fabric-scented air fresheners. 

What’s your go-to scent for the fall? Whether you’re PSL all the way or prefer to give every scent a chance, we’d love to know. Comment below.