The Sip to Go: You won’t win Powerball but you could win this

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesdays are a great day for tacos and taking in the awesome that is The Sip, the biweekly newsletter from MilSpouseFest. Don’t have time to read? Take your Sip TO GO with our new podcast (listen below). 


On today’s date in 1915, over 25,000 women marched on Fifth Avenue in New York to advocate for their right to vote. Thanks, ladies! 


Speaking of voting, it’s ’bout that time! Midterm elections are November 6 and this is a big year! These races will be on the ballots:

Not registered yet? Depending on where you live, there might still be time. Check out your state’s guidance here. And, fun fact? There are 172 veterans running for Congress. Because ‘Merica.

While we’re talking about winning things, Mega Millions is up to $1.6 billion tonight. We have our lucky numbers ready and that trip to Bora Bora is already in the shopping cart. Just waiting to hit confirm trip til tonight.

When you’re done picking lotto numbers, something else you need to choose? Your team for the World Series: Dodgers or Red Sox. Game one is tonight, and Boston native James Taylor is singing the National Anthem. Why did the baseball player only stay at the library for five minutes? It was a short stop. 


You’ve probably heard that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint, and one couple took that saying to an all new level when they stopped halfway through the Detroit marathon to tie the knot.  Happy running trails to you.

In China, a man traveling with his toddler lost sight of the boy for a minute, and turns out the curious kiddo crawled onto the baggage x-ray belt, where he went through the machine for a quick scan. Oh, Dads.

Dads also for the win: last week a group of friends were watching a rugby match when a very little baby rolled down a hill. Mom scrambled, dads raised their beers. Watch the hilarious video here. 


Megan Harless and her PCS petition are making headlines again, this time in Time. It’s always a good thing when issues that impact our families are making national news. Read the story here. 

We love this piece over at Military Families by Sierra Redmond about the importance of diving into a new duty station head first.

Finally, get that flu shot. Read this important piece by Amy Bushatz over at SpouseBuzz about an Air Force doctor who is hoping her family’s tragedy will motivate others to get their shots early this year.


Hahahahaha we think we’re so funny.


The winning has started and it is only going to KEEP going!!! Our 16th SipStakes winner ($200 Amazon gift card!) is … ANGELINA! A gift card is coming your way – we’ll email you. Thanks for entering!

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This fall, The Sip is partnering with The College Board to bring you a back to school tip … because new pencils and investing in the future shouldn’t just be for your kids.

Sip Tip #12: Did you know something as simple as a smell can help you remember better? Research shows if you study with a certain aroma, that scent can help you recall details. Scratch and sniff erasers for the win.

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