Small But Mighty: Defy Nutrition gives an opportunity to an experienced MilSpouse

In January 2020, Mary-Catherine LaBossiere took the leap into entrepreneurship after applying to different positions for a long 7 months and after joining her husband at their current duty station. She started Defy Nutrition after seeing an opportunity to serve her community that had no dietician services and after a list of potential employers called her “overqualified.”

LaBossiere is a registered dietitian and an active duty military spouse, who started her career working in obesity and diabetes clinical research in Boston, while earning her Master’s degree in Public Health. Then, she transitioned to working in behavioral health, where she learned the role of nutrition in managing mental health. “That’s when I became truly inspired to become an emotional eating expert,” said LaBossiere.

LaBossiere was a finalist in The Rosie Network’s 2021 Active Duty, Veteran, and Military Spouse Entrepreneur Award and has been featured on many different podcasts and blogs.

Defy Nutrition offers individualized nutrition counseling, customized meal plans, workshops and speaking engagements in the community, and a healthy habits group program. LaBossiere also writes a blog on the website with helpful tips on snacking, mental health, and dieting. You can also purchase her literary work, “Buying Better Groceries Workbook” and “Fall(ing) in Love Recipe eBook.”

“What I love most though is that I have the opportunity to help people develop healthier relationships with food,” said LaBossiere. “I don’t employ the ‘catch and release’ method that many clinics do. I truly believe in fostering relationships with my clients and helping them through the ups and downs when making dietary changes.”

When asked if she had any advice for military spouses looking to start their own business, LaBossiere said:

“set clear boundaries and actually stick to them. I can’t emphasize this enough. When I first started my business, it took a bit of a toll on our marriage. Luckily, communication is a strong suit in our marriage, so we were able to talk about how business fit into the grand scheme of our family life. These boundaries may be time related, technology related , or people related.”

If you are interested in dietician services, check out Defy Nutrition’s website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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