Small But Mighty: Stick With Me, LLC creates gifts for military families

Navy veteran Cyndi Hill and her active duty Navy spouse Jeremy were always crafty, but their hobby became a full-fledged business with Stick With Me, LLC. 

Cyndi served 10 years in the US Navy from 1989 to 1999. Now, she is an empty nester and active volunteer with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Her husband, Jeremy, is an active duty naval officer working at the Pentagon. While both Cyndi and Jeremy love to craft, they each have their own unique styles.

“Jeremy is much more creative and can come up with new ideas from searching the web for ideas that others have done” said Cyndi.  “I am more the type that if someone asks if I can do something, I will give it my all as long as it’s within my range of crafting expertise.”

The Hill family turned their woodworking projects for friends into their own unique business. Cyndi told us about the unique origins of Stick With Me: 

“The business name Stick With Me, LLC came from my husband. He’s found through the years that when he’s working with folks and he’s trying to explain his viewpoint or stance on something, and people butt in, he always tells them to ‘Stick with me…’ as he gets through his explanation and to the point he’s trying to make. We had other ideas in mind, but this one stuck out as a winner. The concept for the graphic design for our logo came from our daughter, who drew some rough ideas down on paper and we sent them to a graphic designer to make it pretty.” 

What also makes Stick with Me unique is that the Hills have received hobby licenses for the US Navy, USMC, Air Force and Space Force, and have done work with various commands in those services on a regular basis. On top of their main inventory, they also do a lot of custom orders and bulk orders for groups looking for the perfect gift. Jeremy is the primary woodworker, pen turner and laser operator, and Cyndi is in charge of the paint/stain and finish work on the projects. She also serves as the “face” of the brand.

You can purchase your one-of-a-kind gifts here.

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