Small but Mighty: Dreadnought Designs, LLC brings calm waters to a Navy Spouse

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Like other navy spouses, Heather Lantier found that finding a full time, satisfying career elusive. Her passion for creativity and sewing became her career with her Etsy shop, Dreadnought Designs, LLC.

Born and raised in Southern California, Heather never planned on leaving her home state until she married her husband Lance, who whisked her away across the country. Moving every few years proved to be a challenge in finding a job she loved.

That’s when Dreadnought Designs was born. The name has a few meanings. First, Dreadnought was a ship in the early 20th century and stood as an example for other ships in the fleet. “Dread Nought” was also the motto of her husband’s ship. With this deep meaning and a love for creating fun and functional items, the business launched and made waves.

However, it has not been an easy sail for Heather. She has survived cancer twice and overcame infertility and six rounds of IVF. Heather and Lance welcomed their daughter, Landry Carrington, two years ago.

This year marks the five-year anniversary of Dreadnought Designs. Many of the shop’s items are military and patriotic themed, however there are plenty of nautical, novelty, and holiday themed merchandise as well. On top of selling on Etsy, Heather is happy with taking custom orders.

Heather shared this about making her dreams reality: “My company allows me to be creative, meet people, & provide for my family. It provides me the flexibility I needed during my spouse’s military career as well as our journey to become parents. Dreadnought Designs LLC is absolutely a dream come true!”

Lance, a Naval Surface Warfare Officer, will retire this fall from his storied Naval career, and the family will be staying in Northern Virginia. Heather will continue to make her dream reality with creativity in tow.

You can find her shop at

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