Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops Program

Have you heard of the Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops program?

This program is a Halloween candy collection program where local businesses accept excess Halloween candy from kids in exchange for goodies. The most popular businesses that participate are dental offices— but it is a great program for any location— gyms, schools, churches, and more!

Once collected, businesses ship the candy to Soldiers’ Angels. They will get the collected candy to deployed service members and veterans.

Businesses and organizations can register to become a collection site for candy. The program is a great way for businesses to engage local communities and support the military.

Families with too much candy after Halloween can donate excess candy to support a good cause. Kids may even earn buyback prizes for their generosity and families will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation. You can view a list of locations here.

For more information on this program, you can visit the FAQ page for the Treats for Troops program.