Former slave, two-time Olympian becomes an Airman

After enduring countless hardships and overcoming unimaginable obstacles, Airman 1st Class Guor Maker, a dental assistant currently in technical training, found his way out of war-torn South Sudan, Africa and into the U.S. nearly 20 years ago. Surviving As one of roughly 20,000 children uprooted by the gruesome Second Sudanese Civil War, Maker’s childhood was […]

Airman seeks to build a generation of lifesavers

Senior Airman Selina N. Okyere has one goal in her life. “I’m trying to teach the whole nation (of Ghana) to know basic life-saving skills,” said Okyere. That’s no small undertaking; the Republic of Ghana is about the size of the state of Oregon and has a population of approximately 29 million people. For Okyere, […]

Defying odds: An Airman’s focused journey

It is 5 a.m. and the sun has yet to rise on a chilly morning where all that can be heard are the crickets chirping at the Main Fitness Center at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. Inside, however, the clacking and grunts of those pushing their bodies to their limits fills the room as […]

‘They have blood on their hands:’ Sutherland Springs families target Air Force ‘negligence’ after church shooting

At least three families are filing negligence claims against the federal government, arguing the U.S. Air Force is responsible for the deaths of loved ones gunned down earlier this month at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. Members of the Holcombe, Johnson and Ramsey families — who combined lost a dozen people in the shooting — have hired attorneys, and […]