Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

Valentine’s Day is coming, which means the pressure is on to have a special day/night with your significant other. However, between a nice dinner, cards, flowers, and gifts it can be a rather expensive holiday to celebrate. You don’t have to break the bank to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your love, however. […]

What’s the frugalest razor choice?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about various ways to save money on shaving products. There is a good reason – shaving can be expensive. Depending on whether you’re using disposables or refillables, the number of blades, and other features, plus how often you shave, you could easily spend $200-$300 each year, per person. Subscription […]

3 ways to keep your online payment confirmation numbers

Technology is a wonderful thing.  It lets me work from home, play on Facebook, and pay my bills online.  I only have one bill that requires me to pay by check, and that’s not even every month.  But what happens when technology goes wrong? Online payments, just like regular payments, can be misapplied or go […]

The problem with ‘rent to own’ deals

Starting out, or starting over, is hard. You maybe have a place to live, but it’s empty, and it makes life feel uncomfortable. It’s natural to want to have a few creature comforts – a bed, a table and chairs, and sofa to sit on. But what do you do if you don’t have the […]

It pays to return things, especially bad food

It happens to everyone.  You come home from the grocery store, and discover that the sneaky orange mesh has disguised the fact that 2 of your oranges are bad, or you open the chicken and it doesn’t smell right.  We cook from scratch most nights, and with six people portions of fresh fruit, vegetables and […]

10 things that are not worth the money

There are some items and experiences that are worth paying a little extra for, while others are simply not worth it. When deciding whether to spend or save, it’s important to figure out if the more expensive option is really the better one. Here are 10 things that aren’t worth the money. Designer handbags A […]

Military pay and free or reduced school meals

Kids are back in school, and applications for free and reduced school meals have been coming home.  When your pay is more than just pay, like in the military, it can be hard to know how to fill out those forms.  Free and reduced price school meals can help stretch a tight budget, and many […]