You Should Know These 13 Things About Geo-Baching

Originally posted on October 30, 2020. Written by Lizann Lightfoot. Edited for updated content by Mary Lane Montoya on March 14, 2022. Military spouses spend lots of time separated from each other because of deployments, training, and schools. Why would a military spouse ever volunteer to stay behind and remain separated from their service member […]

MilSpouseFest announces 2022 Events Season

While military spouses span six different service branches, there are few opportunities for all spouses to come together in one place. Enter MilSpouseFest. MilSpouseFest’s new event season emphasizes on uniting together to create change and ignite passions– hence the theme Unite and Ignite. Presented by USAA, MilSpouseFest is hosting a comprehensive, year-long program that combines […]