USAA offers credit card perks for deployment

Deployment isn’t always fun, but there are some up-sides. Many families use the tax-free income and special pays to improve their overall financial standing. Other great benefits include the special deployment perks offered on USAA credit cards. All deployments USAA members who have a USAA MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit account may have their […]

How to help kids with deployment? Cook!

The first thing that would pop into my head on deployment day (after my immediate prayer for his safe return) was “Wow. 18 months. How am I going to amuse our son for that long and how are we going to ease the pain of missing his father for that long?” As a working mother of a […]

Here’s how I solo parented a newborn during deployment

This post is sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop. Having a baby alone is not easy, but thousands of military wives or girlfriends have survived this challenge.  Once the baby arrives, that’s when things become challenging. The sleepless nights of the newborn stage are particularly exhausting for a solo mom. However, with a little patience and […]