Top tax tips for military personnel

With the start to the new year behind us, it is time to once again plan ahead for tax season. With the exception of those serving in combat zones or stationed outside the U.S, most military personnel and their families must file taxes by the traditional April 15 deadline. As usual, there are a number […]

Report shows finances as a top concern for troops, families

A new report shows financial worries around health care, education, child care and frequent moves are a major source of stress for military and veteran families. “Finances showed up everywhere in big and small ways,” said Shelley Kimball, who directs research for the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN), which conducted the survey. “Our families are […]

Credit card interest rates are creeping up

I love technology – I use to make my life easier, and it allows me to work from home.  Just like any tool, though, technology has its downsides.  Since I have automated all my finances and moved them all online, I don’t scrutinize every single bill and notification as carefully as I did when they […]

Always check your bills. Always

Technology is a fabulous thing, especially when it reduces the amount of paper coming through my house.  I love that I hardly get any paper bills – less recycling!  What I don’t love about electronic bills, and really any electronic medium, is how easy it is to skim over the details of your bills. Each […]

Don’t be shy when asking your bank for service

This morning, I happened to be browsing my bank account, and I noticed that the balance in our main checking account was very low.  About $1,500 too low.  I felt a little panicky – did I mess up?  What happened?  Where is our money?  How will we pay our mortgage on the first? I clicked […]