How to protect your mental health

Do you ever wonder why certain individuals crash and have a mental breakdown? They might commit a crime such as robbery, commit suicide, or commit a mass shooting. They are human, so upon taking a closer look, we might wonder: Are they really any different from the rest of us? What changed in their emotions […]

New tools made available and free for service member suicide prevention

In recent years, suicide has become a hot-button issue within the military community. From presidential campaigns to public service announcements, it’s a conversation that is ubiquitous in the military and civilian communities alike. Entering into that conversation are more resources from the Semper Fi Fund, which has released a series of videos and a documentary […]

9 ways to get emotionally stronger

There may come a time in your life when your emotions have been depleted, and you need to find ways to recharge yourself so you can continue to lead a good life. When you are emotionally exhausted, it is difficult to get anything done. Here are some tips to help you reenergize your emotional being. […]