9 Safety Tips for Military Families Playing Pokémon Go

If you're playing Pokemon Go on base, you'll want to watch out for these rules.

Pokémon Go has swept the nation! So many people are playing: from small children to older adults who remember the game from when they were younger. Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based, augmented reality game. Basically, your goal is to go out and catch Pokémon with Pokeballs. You can battle these Pokémon at “gyms”. The […]

What “Forces of the Future” Means for Military Personnel

On June 9th, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter rolled out new details of the DoD’s Forces of the Future Initiative, a plan proposing significant new changes to expand promotion flexibility and potentially paving the way for experienced civilians to skip years of military service and immediately join the military’s upper ranks after boot camp. Carter […]