What is a MilSpouseFest Event?


Have you signed up for a MilSpouseFest event yet??? You might be wondering what a MilSpouseFest event actually is. What exactly happens at our events? What will the day or night be like? Here is what you need to know about MilSpouseFest: MilSpouseFest is a free event developed for military spouses, significant others, and other […]

The Sip: Watch for Falling Iguanas!

It’s January! The longest month of the year, or so it seems. Isn’t it like January 39th by now? The winter months can be rough. They can be dark, and cold, and just unpleasant. But at least they don’t last forever unless you live in like Antarctica or something. And YOU do have the Sip […]

The Sip: New Year, New Month, New Decade

How is it 2020 already? Wasn’t it like the 90s just about 10 years ago? No? Time is flying and the holidays are behind us. And it’s time for the very first Sip of this brand new decade. Unless you feel the decade doesn’t start until NEXT year? Either way, it’s the 20s now! Plan […]