This Marine is trying to upend a Pennsylvanian congressional race

We hear frequently about how corporate America should hire veterans. With leadership skills, loyalty, a sense of service and impressive work ethics, aren’t those exactly the things we’d want in an employee? What about in a Congressman? Conor Lamb, a Marine captain currently serving in the Reserves, sure thinks so. And he’s ready to do […]

How a government shutdown would affect pay, benefits

If Congress does not pass a spending bill by midnight Friday, the U.S. government will once again shut down until a deal is reached. President Donald Trump has expressed support for a Republican-backed continuing resolution that would extend government funding through Feb. 16, but it hasn’t passed yet. How would a shutdown impact military and […]

Veterans can apply for this White House program

Summer in Washington, D.C. is oftentimes hot and muggy. But, for a few policy and political wonks, Summer 2018 will be a whole lot cooler as they spend time as one of the few White House interns.  The White House Internship Program is now open and taking applications for their Summer 2018 term. Submissions close […]