Should military couples listen to civilian relationship advice?

Relationship advice is something that many people want to give but not many want to receive. Sometimes, the advice is terrible. Military marriages are no exception to this. The military brings unique challenges to marriages and can sometimes be the source of many couples’ arguments. We hate the distance. We hate our new duty station. […]

Military love languages: How to love from afar

Have you ever thought that despite knowing your spouse loves you, you just don’t feel loved in that moment? This is a concept that Dr. Gary Chapman addresses in his bestselling books The Five Love Languages and The Five Love Languages: Military Edition. According to Dr. Chapman, there are five primary “love languages” that are used to convey love to another person, and each […]

Here’s the forgiveness advice no one tells you

September 7th is World Forgiveness Day, and boy is that a loaded word — forgiveness. Chances are you’ve wronged someone in your life. Whether intentional or not, there is a person who has been hurt by your words or actions. On the other end of that spectrum, you’ve been hurt. It is one common denominator […]

Today? Try some extra kindness in your marriage

During a particularly difficult week, I scrolled through Facebook and paused on a post reporting that a local Starbucks gave out customers’ orders for free with no explanation. Baristas answered inquiries with merely “Have a wonderful day.” Even though I wasn’t a customer, I found myself imagining my reaction to the barista. “Why?” Maybe I […]