Innovate Your Business with 5 Spec Ops Tactics

How to use spec ops tactics to make your business better.

One of Special Operations’ greatest contributions to the War against Terrorism was the perfection of the fast cycling targeting methodology to discover, to locate, and to defeat enemy targets.  In the military, the targeting process are the steps taken to locate, to track, and to attack and destroy critical elements that are vital to the enemy’s […]

Practice Makes Perfect: Military Rehearsal Skills for Business

How to make military skills work for civilian businesses.

One of the most prominent things that I remember while training as a young 2nd Lieutenant at Fort Benning, GA was the use of rehearsals.  We did rehearsals for everything: Parachute Landing Falls (PLF) for Airborne training, gunnery drills for mortar training, and tens of different Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for patrolling while at Ranger […]