Entrepreneur Sailor Sees Opportunity in Care Packages

Mail call! The short phrase immediately garners excitement among those deployed away from the comforts of home. Chelsea Mandello, who has served in the Navy for five years, compared the feeling to that of how kids are on Christmas morning. The sailor knew how much she appreciated getting mail from loved ones so she came […]

8 Military-to-Civilian Career Lessons

Career Transition Lessons from Sci-Fi – 8 Military-to-Civilian Career Lessons From Starship Trooper’s Robert Heinlein’s sci-fi classic “Starship Troopers” has significant lessons on how to have an effective career transition for military veterans. Robert Heinlein’s science fiction classic Starship Troopers, published in December 1959, is a permanent fixture on military reading lists among the Army, […]

Will you sink or swim?

Starting a business is all about jumping in the pool. The only way you are ever going to find out if you are going to sink or swim is to stop standing on the sidelines (or hiding in the locker room) and jump in.