Rocky and Elmo want providers to “Watch. Ask. Share.”

Health care providers now have exciting new resources to help them work with patients from military families, thanks to research-based content on the Sesame Street for Military Families website. In a video on the new provider section, Vice Adm. Raquel Bono welcomes health care providers to the website while standing beside Sesame Street’s Elmo.  Bono, director […]

Fitness trackers and OPSEC: Time to lock it down

Track your workouts with Strava paired with a fitness watch of some kind? Yeah, me too. Apparently we’ve all been coughing up our location to the terrorists without a second thought. Or at least I was until Monday. That’s when I saw this story about a bunch of presumably intelligent troops and operators who were (I’m guessing unknowingly) letting […]

Builders tap into social media to reach homebuyers

We’ve all seen the way homebuying has changed over the years. Today’s savvy buyers are doing more research ahead of time than ever before, and they walk into a real estate or sales office educated about their choices. Social media — especially Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Twitter and YouTube — has become increasingly important in the […]