Talk To Teens About Body Image

As our children enter the teen years, we begin talking to them more about internet safety, drugs/alcohol, peer to peer safety/consent, and being responsible citizens.  

One area that we don’t often think about is self-love.  And self-love around body image.  

I’m huge on self-love and body image. And teenagers struggle a lot with body image — more than we realize.  

We won’t put all of the blame on social media because when I was a teenager, there were no social media outlets, but I faced body image struggles on a daily basis. Those struggles came from facing peers. And that is still true today.  

When our teens go to school, they see their peers up close and personal. They pick one another’s bodies apart. I won’t dismiss the social media encounters, but for this post, we are going to focus on face to face encounters.  

I urge parents to include body image to the list of things to talk about with their teen(s). Why? Because way more teens than you know struggle with it.  

No matter their height, body shape, body size, etc. Body image struggles exist. 

Have you ever struggled with body image? How did you handle it? I look forward to sharing more with you soon about how we address it.