Attitude and Paradigm - The Truth


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Travis Krauss Headshot
Travis Krauss
Founder and CEO, OPS Alliance

FORMATRound Table

CATEGORYEntrepreneurship - Founders & Investors

LEVELBasic Understanding

Uncover the truth of what it takes to achieve success, when you have to go it alone. Discuss true leadership and what it truly is apart from military rank or positional-based authority. Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less. Collaborate on what it really means to scout the right people to build your teams. Performance of personnel is the equalizer. Hear about the journey of loneliness, trials and tribulations, and how failure will have to become your comfort zone. Raising money is harder than combat. Finally, your feelings won't matter if you want to make it - nobody will come to save you.


Travis Krauss Headshot

Travis Krauss

Founder and CEO, OPS Alliance

Former Ranger and Delta Force Assaulter. Started a number of companies to include Apocalypse Vegas (shut down due to COVID) after building to #3 out of 368 on TripAdvisor. Went from $1MM of debt to a substantial net worth. Owns and leads a 12-year-old, TS cleared defense contracting firm, which trains military Special Operations units. Also owns a new commercial real estate portfolio that is growing and is a professionally paid public speaker.


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