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Deja Joi Brewster Headshot
Deja Joi Brewster
CEO & Founder, MilSect LLC


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We are inundated with terms like "Best for Vets", "Military Friendly", "Military Spouse Friendly", and "Best practices for hiring". However, all of these terms are surface level because there are still tremendous amounts of under and unemployment, lack of PCS-able employment, actual careers and not just jobs for spouses, and company/campus cultures where individuals who are military connected can truly be their authentic selves. Many times, this is also due to a lack of inclusivity and a lack of understanding of the intersectionality of the military connected person. This breakout will address how to go beyond friendly and to military inclusion.


Deja Joi Brewster Headshot

Deja Joi Brewster

CEO & Founder, MilSect LLC

MilSect, LLC is a military spouse, black, queer, and mom owned business. Mrs. Deja Joi Brewster is the leading expert on military inclusivity, DEI strategic planning that incorporates the military experience, public speaking, and understanding of how to bring a company beyond friendly. Currently, she has created programming, events, and staff changes from the ground up and created partnerships with Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions, HBCU Connect, NASA’s MSI program, and more. She has over five years of experience in DEI both in the US and UK. She’s worked in advocacy for many minority communities ranging from racial, to mental health, LGBTQIA+, military, pregnant people, and disability equity.


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