Building a Community Through Service First


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Christopher Griffith Headshot
Christopher Griffith
CEO & Founder, Vetted VA

FORMATBreakout Sessions


LEVELBasic Understanding

Community is a core fundamental need for all humanity - no matter who we are we have an internal need to belong. All too often communities are built to sell something. Instead, as a Veteran, I believe service is at the core of community building. In this session, we will explore the fundamentals of building a community that serves selflessly first and creates a true and honest trust with the members. In that trust, the business will grow, but it has to be a secondary objective to the primary mission: Community Through Service.


Christopher Griffith Headshot

Christopher Griffith

CEO & Founder, Vetted VA

Through Vetted VA™, Christopher Griffith is working for Veterans who want to use the VA Home Loan Guarantee to purchase their home – and take control of their lives. He is a Marine Veteran, entrepreneur, educator, motivator, and a “nobody from nowheresville.” Christopher commits to sharing community-building exercises and stories. He has become a top thought leader in the community of Veteran advocates through his prolific use of media. The amount of time and effort he puts into helping his neighbors and his community is bountiful. He truly believes in the power of giving and goes all out.


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