Clearing up Resume Myths - Actionable Strategies to Take Your Resume to the Next Level


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Lori Norris Headshot
Lori Norris
President / CEO, Next for Vets

FORMATBreakout Sessions

CATEGORYTransition - Preparing for Life After

LEVELBasic Understanding

Do you feel well-prepared to write your own resume in the military transition process? Did you learn everything you need to know about writing your resume in the Transition Assistance Program? Is your resume effectively marketing you in the job search? Have you translated all your military skills to understandable terms? Do you REALLY know the true purpose of the resume? If the answer is no to any of these questions, this session will help clear the fog surrounding the resume. The resume is not the MOST important thing to think about in your transition. It is not even the FIRST thing you need to do in the transition process. That being said, a well-written, translated, focused resume will expedite your job search.


Lori Norris Headshot

Lori Norris

President / CEO, Next for Vets

Lori Norris has been supporting veterans as they navigate their military transition since 2005 in a variety of ways. She has volunteered as an educator through the TAP program, she hosts the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast and is launching the Next For Vets education platform. Lori's mission revolves around educating veterans to market themselves for success in their post-military career. Her primary focus is teaching the confusing and frustrating art of resume writing, a skill that is not often taught with much efficacy in the transition space.


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