Faith and Business: How to Bridge the Gap and Fuel Your Business with Integrity


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Sherry Eifler Headshot
Sherry Eifler
CEO and Executive Consultant, R Connection Point, LLC

FORMATBreakout Sessions

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Learn how to incorporate your faith, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE, into your business mindset so you can lead with confidence, build strong relationships with committed customers, and provide certainty in your services. It’s time to remove the fear of letting people know what you stand for. Products and services with purpose build trust and draw in committed customers. Many business owners are missing the opportunity to tap into the servant heart that first started with your connection to the military. Discover how to ultimately fuel your business as you gain confidence to stand in your faith and lean into your values, and integrity. If you’re looking to learn how to combine your business identity and your faith, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE, in a way that feels natural to you, then be sure to attend this session.


Sherry Eifler Headshot

Sherry Eifler

CEO and Executive Consultant, R Connection Point, LLC

Sherry Eifler, Army Veteran and Military Spouse, is the founder and CEO of R Connection Point. Sherry uses her Kaleidoscope of certifications and experience to empower her team and clients through training engagements. Her aim is to help entrepreneurs put power in their purpose and equip them to upgrade their mindset to achieve the success they see. Most recently, Sherry participated in the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) at Fort Benning as a member of the HOPE Squad performance experiment and served as Keynote speaker for two separate 75th Ranger Regiment Spouse Retreats. Sherry is currently penning her second book.


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