From homeless Veteran to inspirational Recording Artist


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Elliott McKenzie Headshot
Elliott McKenzie
Founder, Take Notes Productions


CATEGORYMental Health & Resiliency

LEVELBasic Understanding

Expect to be inspired, touched, and motivated. As we all know, mental illness is a serious problem within the military and Veteran communities. Elliott is a powerful example that we can overcome these issues, turn failures into successes, and even inspire others to keep pushing through struggle. Elliott was able to go from homeless, a college dropout, suicidal, and unmotivated to now inspiring listeners worldwide all through the power of music. Using the creative arts as therapy has saved the lives of many and you will learn how something like music saved this Veteran's life. When we think of overcoming PTSD, we often refer to traditional forms of therapy. Elliott will discuss how he was able to use the creative arts to save his own life and the lives of others.


Elliott McKenzie Headshot

Elliott McKenzie

Founder, Take Notes Productions

U.S. Marine Corps Iraq War Veteran turned professional Singer/Songwriter who uses music as therapy for PTSD. Experienced homelessness after service. Dropped out of college but was able to return and get my Bachelor’s Degree after therapy. Now, I get to inspire others through my music and story. Featured on ABC, CBS, Spectrum, and more. Have performed the National Anthem for teams such as the Lakers, Dodgers, and more. Debut album “Therapy Session” released in 2021. Fans have said my music saved their lives. Now, I live to inspire others to overcome life’s challenges.


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