The MINDSET of a Business Builder


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Eric Konovalov
Owner, The Goal Guide


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When separating from the military, in addition to all the stress of starting a new life, veterans are faced with fighting a battle of identity. No longer being in the military means that your rank is irrelevant, and that’s a tough thing to deal with. Frustration and, often, depression set in because veterans aren’t equipped with the emotional tools to deal with all of the changes. If we want to succeed in growing our business, we must have the best mindset. This talk turns the word MINDSET into an acronym, which is easy to remember and simple to implement.


Eric Konovalov Headshot

Eric Konovalov

Owner, The Goal Guide

Eric Konovalov is a Marine Corps veteran, author of B2B Sales Secrets and the host of Lead, Sell Grow – The Human Experience Podcast. After separating for the marines, Eric’s first job as a civilian was to sell office technology to other businesses. He went on to sell medical devices, lead teams for Xerox, and helped grow a company from $4M to $12M in three short years, as their Director of Sales. In 2015, Eric founded his company, The Goal Guide, Inc., which he operates today. Their focus is to teach people how to think, sell, lead, and communicate.


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