The App New Moms Can Rely on From the Get-Go

I’m a breastfeeding mom who’s almost eight months into my third successful round of breastfeeding. That means I am always looking for the best apps to provide the assist every tired nursing mom needs. I think I have found THE ONE that every new mom can rely on from the get go: the Breastfeeding Shop app.

This easy-to-set up app will quickly become your one-stop shop to document and help you with all things nursing.…-from-the-get-go/ ‎…-from-the-get-go/ ‎

Here is why I like it

With breastfeeding comes a lot of extra supplies, first and foremost a pump. The Breastfeeding Shop app lets Tricare-insured moms (and dads too!) easily download forms to order insurance-covered pumps and supplies right from their phone — no computer needed.  Easy-peasy. You order your pump through Tricare approved provider the Breastfeeding Shop  and keep the supplies coming through their app. 

If you are anything like me when it comes to nursing, you will spend the first couple of months, maybe longer, tracking every feeding and pumping session. This app is an absolute lifesaver, as it even tracks what side was last used. (Believe me, having an app remember this and not having to rely on your own memory is a game-changer.) You can easily log your production, how much your baby is consuming, and whether it is coming from the breast or a bottle. When you need to reference these numbers, it is all right there. Believe me when I say doctors will appreciate your record-keeping at those first appointments!

My last delivery was earlier this year, and I really wanted to nurse my third baby without the use of a shield. (Both my first and second child nursed using a shield for 22 months and 17 months.) This time, I got a major assist from two lactation consultants employed by the hospital I delivered at. I really feel that lactation consultants are a blessing in disguise and that more of us new moms should utilize their services, if for nothing else than to be told we are doing okay. The Breastfeeding Shop app has a growing directory of lactation consultants, so no googling or asking around — the list is right there for you to utilize, and you should!

All Those Sweet Little Noises

Maybe the best part of this app is the ability to record your babies’ sweet little nursing noises to help you while pumping. When your little babe is not there to get things going, you have a recording to help make your pumping session a complete success.

Features to Make Your Nursing Journey Easier

Nursing can sometimes be a challenge, but when you have the right tools, it is the sweetest bonding experience. I would absolutely recommend that every new mom download the Breastfeeding Store  app and utilize all its features during her breastfeeding journey. Even dads can find this app useful for logging those sweet bottle-feeding sessions. It is completely free and convenient for all! Download it now for Android or iOS.