These 10 direct sales companies are ideal for military spouses who want to sell

By Julie Provost

If you have ever been interested in direct sales, you might be wondering which companies mesh well with military life. We found companies that offer military discounts, make it easier to move because there’s little (or no) product to carry around, and make it easy to keep your clients no matter where you live. Here are 10 of them:

1. Younique

Known for their 3D Fiberlash and mascara, this makeup line was the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through social media. You can have virtual parties and take your customers with you when you move. You don’t need to have traditional parties, and you don’t have to carry more than just the starter kit.

2. Origami Owl

Origami Owl carries the Living Locket, a necklace that houses small, meaningful charms. (They sell other jewelry, too.) You don’t need to carry any inventory and you decide your activity level. You can promote your business on social media using your website. They also have some military charms that would do well in the military community.

3. Scentsy

These wickless, flameless candles always do well in military communities. Some military housing will not allow regular candles, and they can be a good alternative. To sell Scentsy, you can buy the testers, catalogs, and order forms, so there’s not too much to move, which means it’s a very physically portable business. Because you’ll use your website for sales and have online or basket parties, your customer base can live all over the country.

4. Beachbody

Beachbody is about health and fitness. You can sign up as a coach and sell products such as Shakeology and their fitness programs. There are no inventory requirements and the product ships out directly from the website to your customers. In addition, they have a military program where they waive the monthly coach business fee and will refund you the coach business starter kit fee.

5. Advocare

Advocare helps others with their physical and financial wellness. Many who sell Advocare use social media and YouTube. There is also no minimum inventory purchase which means this can be a very portable business for military spouses.

6. dōTERRA

This company sells essential oils. If you sign up, you will have a virtual office for sales, a free personalized website, and can grow your team over the world. They seem to be very popular within the military community.

7. Young Living

Like dōTERRA, Young Living is also about essential oils. They also have a specific starter kit that can easily be shipped around the world.

8. Avon

Avon is one of the most recognized direct sales companies. Start-up fees are $25 online and keeping inventory isn’t necessary. Since they have so many products, you will never be able to have everything people want. They have free shipping specials which customers love. There are no shipping quotas; you just have to have ordered once every six weeks.

9. Usborne Books

This book company is popular in communities with children, and they publish about 200 new titles and expansions every year. You can use the starter kit for product examples, and there is no need to carry any more inventory unless you would like to.

10. Jamberry

Jamberry is all about the nail wraps. They also have gel enamel and lacquers. Because nail wraps don’t take up much space, this business is very portable and can easily be moved. You can make use of social media and your website to run your business, so your location doesn’t matter too much.

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at [email protected]

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9 Replies to “These 10 direct sales companies are ideal for military spouses who want to sell”

  1. I think its random Pure Romance isnt on the list. As a Senior Consultant I help relationships stay strong. I empower, entertain and educate women about their bodies. Also Pure Romance is AMAZING with having very low bimonthly minimums and high discounts. Our company also has maternity leave and leave of absence for those who are PCSing or are active duty who go on deployments or TDY.

    1. Living overseas, in Japan, it’s very difficult to maintain the business. The host nation has outlawed sex toys so a lot of times the base won’t approve the business license for this company.

  2. Not surprised to see Younique as #1 on this list! Being a military spouse, there were so many reasons I chose this business! Mainly the ability to sell and build globally without any additional fees! Who knows where we’ll end up next lol 🙂

  3. Great list but I’m surprised to not see Tastefully Simple on the list. Military families are busy and TS makes bringing the family to the table for dinner quick, healthier and easier. The company is supportive and easy to sign up as a consultant. Just my thoughts, still a great list to see.

    1. Agreed! Plus it ships directly from company to client so no need to keep stock or shipping/delivering products yourself.

  4. Brenda G Martin says:

    Why isnt Mary Kay on the list? Inventory is optional.

    1. Mary Kay isn’t allowed overseas.

  5. I would add Pruvit Aka Keto OS! Company is absolutely amazing and some of our top sellers are retired or prior military! If you’d like more info please feel free to reach out to me!
    But I’m really not surprised Younique is number 1!

  6. Thirty-One is a great company as well.

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