The Best MilSpouse Groups on Facebook

The Best MilSpouse Groups on Facebook

Where are you getting your best milspo advice on Facebook? 

Time to face it, Facebook is where it’s at! Whether or not you have yet to join the cult-like platform, it opens a plethora of information to all interest groups. But for milspouses, it can connect you in ways that other corners of the internet cannot. That means finding — and getting involved in — extremely niche groups. Ones that connect you with others who have similar interests, including those who are military. 

Stop dealing with unique problems or wondering who’s out there battling the same things. Find your best niche groups through Facebook and start learning new ways to find and interact with like-minded folk. 

Dave Ramsey Money — Military

If you’ve heard of Dave, you know he’s all about making smart financial decisions. But when you’re a military family, unique financial challenges come into play. Get advice from others who have similar financial goals, check past posts, and more. 

Whether you have big savings goals or want some insight on how others help cut back, Dave Ramsey’s military groups can be a wealth of information. 

Active Duty Passive Income

If you’ve considered renting out property, investing in a business, etc. — all while remaining in active duty — this is the group for you. Posters regularly discuss property management, home repairs, and whether or not it’s a smart financial choice to buy/sell/relocate. If this is your cup of tea, consider joining Active Duty Passive Income for expert insight and access to pros and novices alike. 

White Walls

Decorating military housing (or rentals in general) can be a difficult task. Luckily there’s White Walls for some incredibly creative ideas toward home decor. Check its archives for droves of posts on every room of the house, every theme, and more. And if you’re into specialized decor, there’s plenty of spinoffs too, such as White Walls Kitchen, White Walls RV, and more. 

Get your space looking how you want it, on a budget, thanks to creative upgrades … all of which can be easily reversed for moving purposes. 

MilSpouse Professionals / Career MilSpos

If you work, you can find your people. From those who have part-time gigs or a side hustle to those with specialized degrees who make location decisions based on where they can get a good job, there are groups for you. Find the answers to hard questions and career-based advice in these groups for professionals. What’s more, is that it comes with the added benefit of others who know how to put the military angle on all of your job changes. 

Base-Related Pages

Moving somewhere new? Get all the deets and then some on local spouse pages. Ask extremely specific questions (as detailed as you feel comfortable sharing), or utilize the search bar for more info that you likely have time to read. Use it to find housing, advice on doctors, or to find local eateries and events. These groups can be especially helpful in the weeks before you PCS. Don’t fret about climate or available resources, even nuances to a particular location. Get all the deets before you move for an easier transition process. 

Hobby Pages

No matter what you’re into, you can find it on Facebook. Sign up for groups that knit, water ski, yard sale hunt, and more. Sign up and engage for a great way to get tips, and to connect with others in your area. Let Facebook suggest groups for you, too, for easier access. Their algorithm will offer up personalized options to make your finding process easier. 

MilSpouseFest Community Group

And make sure you join our MilSpouseFest Community Group to connect with others about our events, talk about what we have learned at the events, and get to know other military spouses.

Whether you use Facebook socially or prefer to create a profile just so you can access groups, it can be a great source of information. Consider signing up for these military-based entities so you can learn more about hobbies, career moves, investments, decor, and more. 

What are your best military Facebook groups? 

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