The Breastfeeding Shop App: Amazing Convenience for New Mamas

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As a breastfeeding mom of a gorgeous three-month-old, blogger at, and a small business owner of 10 rentals, ease and efficiency is key in my life.  And while I LOVE breastfeeding and the bonding that occurs with my gorgeous daughter, making sure I always have milk available for her has certainly been a challenge. I would NEVER be able to overcome this challenge if it wasn’t for my amazing spectra pump and the supplies supplied by Tricare.

So when I was offered the opportunity to check out The BreastFeeding Shop’s app, I had to give it a shot. Anything that streamlines my life, makes sure I ALWAYS have bags  and supplies (those suckers are EXPENSIVE), while easy enough for a technology challenged individual, is MY kind of product.


Downloading the App

Finding the app and downloading it was super easy. I have a Galaxy 9 and I simply went into the Google play store, searched for The Breastfeeding Store and found the app.  Once downloaded, there it was on my menu, it could not have been easier! I did have a hard time signing in. My phone kept saying no connection, even though I had no problems getting online. I even called their help service right through the app and they said the app was fine. As it was probably my device-specifically, I decided to try another log-in method. I tried their Facebook login and I got on super EASY! Plus, one less sign in to remember

App Look

I love the look of the app. The look is not only simple, fresh and modern, it is also streamlined with all of the options right on your home screen and it’s SUPER easy to use. There is no hunting through all the features to find what you are looking for — it’s all right there in front of you.


Ease of Ordering Process

As any new mother knows juggling a baby and work is a challenge. I love The Breastfeeding Shop app because it made ordering so easy. I actually was able to get all my supplies on my phone while breastfeeding my baby. It was as easy as clicking on the app widget that says order supplies, filling out the form and I was done. The Breastfeeding Shop couldn’t have made it easier. There is even a place to upload your prescription and they keep it on hand for future orders. The best part is it instantly tells you when you have finished ordering.

Important Tricare Changes

All prescriptions must have both breast pump AND supplies on the order form or Tricare will reject it for the supplies. As the base clinic was full, I went out in town to an AMAZING nurse practitioner. Unfortunately, their office wasn’t aware of these changes and I had to re-submit my prescription.

The Breastfeeding Shop was SO helpful. It was an easy issue to fix once I knew the problem and they assisted in getting the prescription faxed over. Once your information is received, the BreastFeeding Shop sends an email confirming that everything is complete, so you aren’t left hanging wondering whether or not the problem is resolved or if it is still on your to-do list.


I wish I had checked out the tools in the early days of my breastfeeding journey. The pump production log would have been a lifesaver as I was figuring out the supply. It even lets me set a timer. I cannot tell you how many times I have said, “I will pump 60 minutes after she feeds” to try to boost supply. And then I totally forget, until she is screaming for her next feeding.


See, isn’t it amazing?! No more counting bottles in the freezer. No more guessing what I produced that day based on a rough calculation of what she ate. The feeding tracker would have been perfect, as I wouldn’t have had to guess.

Honestly,  I LOVE the app — and most importantly, the customer service from The Breastfeeding Shop. The app has amazing features and generally, is very easy to use. When I struggled with issues like prescription management, it was super easy to contact the company for help. They had a large contact us button on the app, no hunting for how to call them directly. They were literally one click away. It made it so easy to clear up the issue.

The customer service was so helpful. I called them on a Friday regarding an issue. They walked me through how to get the right prescription from my doctors office and told me to follow up on Monday. When I called them back on Monday morning, not only did they remember me, but when they couldn’t find it instantly in the system, they took the time to look for the prescription off the fax machine for me.



The only improvement that would make this even better would be automatic supply delivering. As a new mom, my brain is like a sieve, so anything on automation is a lifesaver. On the other hand, if it was, I wouldn’t have the monthly reminder to record my kiddos cute adorable sounds that she makes.


How awesome is this feature?  Especially great in the case of a deployed parent. Now you have another source of baby sounds other than those cute home videos! She grows so quickly, it seems that just yesterday we were coming out of the hospital.


What has been your experience? Have you tried the app out yet? What is your favorite part of the app?  If you don’t have it yet, The Breastfeeding Shop app can be found for Android and for iOs.

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