Tips For Making PCSs Easier On Your Furry Family Members

Tips For Making PCSs Easier On Your Furry Family Members

How many moves have you made with your pets in tow?

It’s not easy to move houses, especially when you’re dealing with a long-distance move. Add in pets, and you’ll soon be looking for simple ways to keep them safe and entertained during this long journey to your new home.

When making your next move with pets in tow, consider your fur-child’s personality. Some pets are excited about the hubbub, others become anxious and want to stay put. Consider their reaction and plan accordingly. You can talk with your current vet about dealing with anxiety or make accommodations that will help them feel more comfortable. For instance, cats generally like to be in small spaces without much open sight, especially while in a car. Dogs, on the other hand, usually like to see the open road.

Wherever you’re headed, be sure it’s a stop that’s pet-friendly. This includes hotels or any long term rentals. Of course, your pets are part of your family, so you’ll need to ensure they’re welcome at your next home, even if it’s one that’s temporary.

Next, plan your vehicle or plane ride accordingly with plenty of food, water, and bathroom breaks. The ability to stretch legs and run will be much appreciated too!

Finally, don’t forget your pets’ paperwork. You’ll need records of their shots or any necessary meds for your next home, vet, and any activity locations, such as pup daycare. Keep a copy of these records with all of your important data so you can easily find it en route.

What’s your best pet tips while moving?

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