Tips for Setting a Festive Thanksgiving Table

Tips for Setting a Festive Thanksgiving Table

How do you set your Thanksgiving table? Do you get fancy with details and go all out with personalized decor? Or do you simply put the table together nicely enough to call it a holiday?

I have never hosted a “big” Thanksgiving dinner on my own, but I’ll admit that fancy table decor is just not my thing. I love it when others put in the effort, but when it comes to nameplates, the placement of mini pumpkins, etc., it just all seems so tedious. Especially when there’s much cooking to be done!

That being said, I love it when others put together a great tablescape! My Granny — to this day — is known for her elaborate table settings. You could visit for a random Tuesday lunch and can bet she’ll have themed seasonal napkins and a fancy dish you’ve never seen before. (Where she stores it all, I’ll never know!)

Meanwhile, I’m always on the lookout for simple upgrades that can be done quickly and efficiently. Pinterest is home to some great tips and tricks for Thanksgiving table decor. Best of all, they come with images so you can pick out your favorite pieces, even if you don’t want to recreate an entire look. Dollar stores offer cheap, but beautiful, upgrades like dishes, tablecloths, decor, and placemats. Or you can head to your local thrift store — you’d be surprised how many seasonal finds you can get from their shelves.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Yes, Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, but you can share that with those you love by creating a beautiful setting for everyone to feast upon — no matter how simple or elaborate you choose to go.

What are your favorite table decorating tips? Tell us below!