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Thursday, July 5, 2018

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Throw Back

On this day in 1946, the bikini swimsuit made its debut at a Paris fashion show. Seems like a trip to the beach is in order.

Need to Know

The Air Force’s top enlisted airman has officially won the internet after a site visit to Fort Langley Eustis, during which he volunteered to be tased. He posted the video clip which quickly went viral, but it was his Twitter responses that had people everywhere rethinking their decisions to call it “The Chair Force.” See the video and his tweets here.

Speaking of winning, we interrupt our normal World Cup update to bring you Wimbledon, too. It’s a sports lover’s dream with day four of the tennis championships, featuring both Williams sisters and plenty of other standouts. World Cup is down to eight teams and the games just keep getting better. Our favorite? England knocking out Colombia in an unbelievable shoot out that came down to the last play. Watch it here. Once you’re done with that video, read this feel good story about Japan cleaning up their locker room and leaving a thank you note after their defeat. Stay classy, Japan.

Finally, while we’re talking about incredible teams and feel good stories, don’t miss this sweet piece about 94 soldiers and the pact they made about a bottle of whiskey during World War II. It just got a little windy in here.

Reading While We Sip

Grab your coffee and sit down with this interesting and important piece over on Task & Purpose about why we have to support women in the military.

Read these awesome 21 quotes from Lauren Tamm to get you through deployment. Then print them. Then hang them up all over your house and read them. Then rinse, wash, repeat. Our favorite? Right here:

Watching While We Sip

Keep the 4th of July train rolling and have a good ole Netflix binge with Task & Purpose’s mandatory movie watching. Get the full list here.


Image credit: Aaron Provost/T&P

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