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Thursday, June 21, 2018

It’s International Selfie Day, the first day of summer and International Yoga Day. Bonus points if you combine all three while you read The Sip, the bi-weekly newsletter from the team at MilitaryOneClick and MilSpouseFest. Informed looks good on you.

Throw Back

On today’s date in 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, officially making it the law of the land. ‘Merica!

Need to Know

After mounting criticism and outcries for policy change, President Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday that puts an end to separating families at the border. The order mandates that families are detained together, instead of putting children in a separate facility like we told you about on Tuesday. All eyes are on what happens next, as a 1997 court ruling called the Flores settlement dictates that children “accompanied” by parents have to be released within 20 days of being detained. We’re sure we’ll be hearing much, much more about this in the coming days and weeks.

What else we’re hearing about? World Cup. The Olympics of soccer is still happening in Russia and we can’t get enough of the Cinderella stories, the upsets and the highlight reels. Defending champions Germany were beat by underdog Mexico, giving fans everywhere something to cheer about. Next up, Mexico will face Korea Republic on Saturday. We’re cheering for our southern neighbors: Mexico hasn’t made it past the second round of the World Cup since they hosted in 1986.

Whether you’re binge watching soccer as fast as you did Big Little Lies or couldn’t care less about World Cup, you have to listen to one Portuguese radio commentator calling the Portugal and Spain game. With Portugal down 3-2, and the final whistle already blown, the game came down to one more play. Star Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up, and Nuno Matos from radio station Antena 1 couldn’t contain his gratitude for Ronaldo tying the game. “Obrigado” means thank you. Listen here.

Reading While We Sip

We love this piece from Military Spouse about what not to ask a milspouse. Our favorite? Don’t you miss him? Because really anything with a Michael Scott gif is a win.

Check out this awesome post over on The Seasoned Spouse about what one fiancé learned during her honey’s first deployment. Who knew talking on the phone would be such an important part of military life?

Winning While We Sip

Tis the season for awesome giveaways. We’re used to trying to win things like a free t-shirt, but here are two military giveaways you won’t want to miss.

First up, EventPrep, a veteran owned company, is giving one lucky military spouse a, um, FRANCHISE worth $40,000. Yep, you read that right. Learn more about the company, the awesomeness and how to win here, from our friend Jo My Gosh.

Just in case winning a business isn’t quite enough, here’s a trip for you, too. Operation In Touch is giving five military families the getaway of a lifetime to a National Park as part of their Red, White and Blue Reunion giveaway. The Sip’s editor, T.T., won this last year and spent a week in Yosemite with her mom and sisters. Enter now and you too can have a much-deserved vacation.

Selfie While You Sip

We already told you it’s International Selfie Day, and we want to see you! Take a selfie while you Sip, post it on social media using #TheSipSelfie and we might include it in a future running.

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