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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s a great night for tacos and the perfect day for The Sip, your bi-weekly newsletter from MilSpouseFest. Informed looks good on you.

Throw Back

On today’s date in 1789, Congress established the War Department. Responsible for all things, well, war, the Department existed until 1947 when it split into different service departments and was soon renamed the Department of Defense. All grown up.


Photo of The Week

A picture might be worth a thousand words but sometimes there are no words at all. Check out this beautiful photo by Brooke Bacon Photography on Insta, and read the story from our friends at SpouseBuzz here.

Need to Know

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, and if you’re registered to vote in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington or Ohio, get out and do it today! With primaries in those first four states and a special election in one district in Ohio, all eyes are watching today’s outcomes to predict how November’s midterms will play out. Not registered to vote yet? There’s still time by November (91 days, but who’s counting?). Register here.

Speaking of counting, Pentagon officials decided earlier in the week that those sweet fitness devices that track your steps (here’s looking at you Fitbit, iPhone, the list goes on) are actually a pretty huge liability. Turns out the geolocation that magically tells you how far you’ve gone is unintentionally mapping forward operating bases, making it easier to track soldiers’ locations/movements/patterns. (Thanks a lot, Fitbit). So now the Pentagon is saying, “Yeah, um you can’t wear those overseas. But we guess you can still take them with you on deployment. And then maybe we’ll just let your boss decide. But you have to turn off your geolocation. And really the whole tracker thing is just a bad idea. So don’t do it.” (Not exact quote). Security: so important. Also why we can’t have nice things.

Slightly more decisive than the tracker ban: Bachelorette Becca Kufrin wrapped up the perfect deployment binge watch with an accepted proposal from (spoiler alert!) Garrett Yrigoyen, ending season 14 and all of us hearing “Let’s do the damn thing!” 100 times per episode.

Finally, if just reading the Bachelorette update makes you want to use your brain more, we have great news for you. Microsoft has announced that as part of the Hiring Our Heroes Hiring 100,000 military spouses initiative, they’ll be launching a Military Spouse Technology Academy in the fall. Wins all around.


Reading While We Sip

Here’s why everyone should send care packages from A Faithful Step, and tips of what to include in them.

The Nutty Hiker has some awesome tips about how to get credit card refunds.

And, The Coffee Drinker shares the uphill battle of the modern military spouse.


Watching While We Sip

We’ve watched the entire internet of Police Lip Sync videos and can’t get enough of the communities coming together to celebrate diversity, inclusion and awesome music. Our faves are probably Seattle and Norfolk, but here are the top 15 as ranked by Police One. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


Join Us!

Hey Hampton Roads!! There’s still time to register for the September MilSpouseFest! Join us for prizes, food, encouragement and so much fun! Norfolk is the largest Navy base in the world so seats are going fast. Reserve yours today by registering here. Don’t miss out! Plus we really want to meet you.


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