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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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Throw Back

One of the first animated cartoons was exhibited on this date in 1913 by John Randolph Bray. The movie, called “The Artist’s Dream,” was about a dachshund that ate sausages until he exploded. Pass the bratwurst.

Meme of the Week

From our friends at NextGen MilSpouse:


Need to know

President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un met for an unprecedented five hours this morning, discussing such light-hearted topics as nuclear disarmament, global securities and human rights. It’s not completely clear yet how and when North Korea will denuclearize or what other guarantees have been made between our two nations (although Trump did agree to halting U.S. military exercises with South Korea), but the summit actually happening is historic in itself. After reading the entire internet this morning about the meeting, this one about why the North Korean leader travels with his own toilet had to be our favorite. You’re welcome.

Speaking of fun news, LinkedIn announced yesterday that they will be expanding their military and veterans program to include military spouses. Per the announcement, beginning in July, everyone’s favorite job-seeking platform will provide one year of LinkedIn Premium to every military spouse during each of their moves to new installations to help their career transitions, and once again upon conclusion of military service. Premium includes access to their learning paths and lessons library. Check out the specially curated milspouse path here.

Reading while we Sip

Flying solo this summer? Read this piece by Sidra Montgomery about how to do weddings alone.

Speaking of solo, we love this advice from Uplifting Anchor about finding joy even in the darkness of deployment, and how four words changed everything for one couple.

And finally, speaking of making changes, read this important article from our friends at Military Spouse about the Widow’s Tax, and start lobbying today.

Laughing while we Sip

We love great stories and a great laugh. What happens when you combine a runaway boat, the Kennedys and a fake eye? Listen to this absolutely hilarious encounter by Michaela Murphy about what happened one summer at the beach. Play it on your commute or while you’re cooking dinner. We promise it will be the best 13 minutes of your day.

Resource report

Put this on your summer reading list: Seasons of My Military Student by Stacy Allsbrook-Huisman and Amanda Trimillos. From the publisher: Military-connected students move frequently, changing schools as many as nine times from preschool to high school graduation. With each move, they adjust to a different curriculum, meet new teachers and coaches, adapt to a new learning environment, and develop new friendships – all amid other military life challenges, such as a parent’s deployment. The book, released June 1, will help both parents and teachers work as a team to support military students.

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